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“Machiokoshi (revilatalize the towns)”.

We, at Stay Japan Jobs recruit qualified and passionate foreigners to support tourism in the local regions of Japan. There are many qualified foreigners who are willing to work not only in the cities, but also in the provinces of Japan. Stay Japan Jobs supports you to promote your inbound regional tourism with the right people.

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What is Stay Japan Jobs?

Stay Japan Jobs

Over 30 million foreigners visit Japan every year, and the number is increasing year by year. You see many foreign tourists even in local regions of Japan nowadays. We, specialise in foreign recuritment to support local tourism in Japan.

Hyakusenrenma CorporationSaibay Corporation

Stay Japan Jobs is a joint venture company with Saibay, a Japanese tourism company for foreigners, and Hyakusen Renma, the pioneer of vacation rentals in Japan.

Stay Japan Jobs makes it possible for you to meet the right people with the right qualifications,
and those who share the same vision.
Let us help you find and meet talented foreigners to help in areas such as tour guiding
or website design to better promote tourism in your area.