Would you like to promote the region you live in Japan and run an inbound campaign?
Let’s spread the word about your region!

Stay Japan Jobs provides a completely new employment support service.
We introduce foreign residents of Japan to local job opportunities in tourism, and assist our clients and candidates in every part of the journey. By taking advantage of our relationships with local governments and companies across Japan, we will help you discover your desired job in tourism. Be active in Japan’s tourism industry!

Find a Job
01Find a job that best utilizes
your skills.
Our consultants will conduct in-depth interviews to understand your skills and interests to offer you a suitable placement.
02Make the most out of
your experience in Japan.
Many provinces in Japan are suffering from a shortage of tourism promotion personnels. In these areas, there are many job opportunities offered to foreigners who are fluent in Japanese and have excellent knowledge of Japanese culture like you. Why don’t you apply your experiences and knwoledge of Japan to promote your region with us?
03YWork in the area
you live.
Our close relationship with companies and organisations around Japan means we can introduce you to a job in all parts of the country. You don’t have to leave a place you don’ want to!
04It’s 100% free of charge!
You don’t need to pay any registration or handling fee. Stay Japan Jobs are supported by many companies. You can seek for jobs using our service without worrying about any costs.

If you have any questions or need further information about our services,
please feel free to ask through the contact form below.

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