When you have:
-no idea how to hire talented foreigners
-no idea how to utilize foreign manpower
-no idea how to make the most of
 your limited budget to hire qualified foreigners.

We provide the solutions best fit for you.

We offer effective staffing solutions through utilizing our expertise in the travel and tourism industry, enabling you to avoid risks of employment mismatch and reducing both the workload and cost in HR.

Our Strengths


Specialized in Tourism

We have provided a number of travel and tourism related services, including B&B homestay and farmstay in Japan. Our expert consultants can suggest the most suitable candidates to meet your needs. Stay Japan Jobs offers efficient staffing solutions using our well-established network and specific know-how in the travel business field.

Extensive network
particularly in the U.S, Europe, and Australia

We understand the importance of language competency in effective marketing and promoting of inbound tourism. Utilizing our extensive network, we are able to introduce English natives and multilingual candidates whom are highly knowledgeable of Japanese language and culture.

Remarkable Achievements
in Regional Inbound Promotion

We excel at providing advice on inbound business and application of foreign talent, as well as introducing candidates to local companies or groups who do not have any know-how of foreign talent acquisition. We are well experienced in promoting regional inbound tourism, employment of foreigners, and in coordinating with national government administrations, DMOs, and DMCs.

Recruitment Process



Please call or email us. We will send you an application form and job information form by post or email. Please fill in and send them back.


Our consultant will meet you to confirm your personnel request and details on the terms and conditions. We strive to provide the best solution for your needs, thus through careful consultation, we will avoid any potential employment mismatch.

03Staffing or Recruiting

We select potential candidates from our registered list of candidates based on both the job description and your ideal candidate profile. If there is no suitable person for your job opening, we will conduct a new recruitment without any extra charge.

04Introducing and Screening

When we are ready to introduce the potential candidates, we will disclose the candidate’s resume for you to then screen the applicants. All communication with the applicants are handled by our company so you do not have to worry about contacting the candidates.


We provide initial training sessions, individual trainings and/or e-Learning programs for the new employees and allow them to be prepared for the new working environment (upon request).

Our service will
reduce your workload
in the recruitment process

What We Do

  • Job opening
  • Post jobs
  • Resume screening
  • Initial interview

What Employers Do

  • Final Inteview
  • Final judgement



New price table

Referral fee paid was wasted because the hired person retired immediately.
In response to your concerns, we will propose a new price table.

Monthly flat fee

Monthly fixed referral fee
A fixed fee will be charged for the period of employment of the referral. The new fee table is lower than a conventional high referral fee and easy to use.
Counseling service
We would like to introduce people to work for a long time. We counsel job seekers once every three months for long-term employment support.

*Please contact us for detailed charges.

If you have any questions or need further information about our services,
please feel free to ask through the contact form below.

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