[Thursday FAQ] Week# 1

At Stay Japan Jobs we take pride in ourselves in connecting people who have the skills to work in Japan with Japanese companies. Finding a career outside of teaching is difficult, we understand that. That’s where STAY JAPAN JOBS comes in. Below are this weeks “Job Related FAQs” answered.

Recipient 1

“Do I need an N1 or N2 to get a job in Japan?”

SJJ short Answer:

No and Yes, It is important to have passed the JLPT, regardless of the level.


Companies in the Tourism industry searching for international employees are mainly looking for people who can speak another language besides Japanese. If they wanted someone who can speak perfect Japanese, they would hire a native-Japanese person with business level English. They hire an international employee for the cultural background, comprehension to some degree in two different languages, and skill levels other than language. Companies need a benchmark to start, and unfortunately a country that is test heavy relies on test as a benchmark.

Important note:

 Having an N3 with a speaking skill of an N1 or N2 is just as great! If you can speak it, you are well ahead of the game. We have had job offers sent out to N3 level holders when the employee was asking for N1-N2. The thing is people just need a benchmark.


Recipient 2

“Why are all the jobs in Japan outside of teaching and IT pay so low?”

SJJ Short Answer

Welcome to Japanese employment outside of the teaching world !


Bottom line, for those who have no experiences coming to Japan, it will be difficult, not impossible, to find a job outside of Japan with a high paying salary in the tourism field. That shouldn’t discourage you at all. While teaching English, wether on the JET programme or a different company, focus on what you can do during your time off. There is longer explanation on ways you can improve yourself to be a strong candidate for future job hunting. Here is the post https://stayjapanjobs.com/work-in-japan/work-in-japan/
Having experience in the field you are applying to, at least in Japan, will determine your starting pay. The average salary though for a University student in Japan is 180,000 yen to 220,000 yen per month.

Important note: 

Pay attention to the finer details, the benefits you are given with the job. Most of the jobs SJJ offer have pleasing benefits packages, ranging from:

  1. Free room and board
  2. Free Breakfast / Lunch
  3. Moving expenses paid
  4. Bonuses
  5. Raises
  6. Japanese speaking experience and more !

Hope these weeks FAQs cleared the air. If you would like to have your questions answered please do so at info@stayjapanjobs.com

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Until next week, happy job hunting!