[Thursday FAQ] Week# 2

Happy New year!!
At Stay Japan Jobs we take pride in ourselves in connecting people who have the skills to work in Japan with Japanese companies. Finding a career outside of teaching is difficult, we understand that. That’s where STAY JAPAN JOBS comes in. Below are this weeks “Job Related FAQs” answered.

Recipient 1

“How much does it cost me to use a recruitment agency and why? “

SJJ short Answer:  It’s free !


Whether you choose to use STAY JAPAN JOBS as your main recruitment agency or a different agency, you should never have to pay for any services. The services that you may get our dependent on the actual company. These can range from consultation, resume workshops, interview prep, and more.

Important note:

Many job seekers may wonder why its free to use these services. The basic breakdown of the process is straight forward. Let’s use STAY JAPAN JOBS as an example.

  1. A Job Seeker (JS) is interested in working in the tourism field.
  2. SJJ provides various support, prep help, and a weekly list of available occupations.
  3. JS applies to a job and SJJ creates a super star profile on your behalf to look good for the company you applied to.
  4.  That company then provides you with an interview.
  5.  If all goes well, you start your new career. If for some reason it wasn’t a match, don’t fret. We go back to the drawing board and look for a different opportunity.

Companies in the lookout to make their staff more international friendly, don’t know where to start. These companies may also not be familiar with cultural background differences and therefore may not succeed on their own in finding a fitting candidate for the job.

This is where SJJ comes in. We provide all the groundwork for those companies that want to internationalize. For that, we charge these companies a service fee.

I know what you are thinking, but no, those companies don’t take the service fee out of your paycheck.


Recipient 2

“Why is my salary different for the first three months of my occupation?”

SJJ Short Answer: There is a probation/training period that all employees go through before actually becoming a full time employee.


Many occupations have what you call a probation/training period. Depending on what type of field it is, you might receive a deducted salary in the beginning. Companies need to take time to teach you how to do your job, and for that it takes time on their end and also takes times for you to get up to the level that they would like you to be at.

This is a standard process all throughout Japan and should not be considered as a negative when searching for a job. Instead use this time to make many mistakes, so that when your probation/training period does end, you can perform your duties to the best of your ability.

Important note: 

One more point to note, there shouldn’t be a big difference in the salary you receive during the probation/training period to when you become a full-time employee. Looking anywhere from (10,000 ~ 30,000yen) should be a good point of reference.


Hope these answers will get you ready for the start of 2020! If you would like to have your questions answered please do so at info@stayjapanjobs.com

Make sure to write on the subject line: “FAQ Thursdays” 
Until next week, happy job hunting!