[ Thursday FAQ Week #3]

Recipient 1

“How can I promote myself to a Japanese employer? “

SJJ short Answer:  Practice, confidence, and practice.


Congratulations, you came this far! Now what do you say? Employers may not have a long time to talk so make your intro about yourself, sweet, simple, and juicy. Practice with your Japanese friends. Ask them to be strict on you with your grammar. Focus on

  1. Speaking about your current job duties.
  2. What type of jobs you want to work at next.
  3. What you plan on doing in the future.
  4. Why you think it’s important to stay in Japan.

Important note:

Japanese companies that are interviewing you or at least talking to you are already sold on the idea of having someone non-Japanese work in their company. How can you reassure them that you won’t’ get homesick and just quit one day or go against the norm and try to fight with another employee? Believe it or not, these are some thoughts that Companies have asked us in the past.

Make sure to show confidence and also to reassure them you are in Japan for a reason!

Recipient 2

What are some questions that I might get asked at an interview/ career fair meet and greet?

SJJ Short Answer: Why you?


Okay, there will obviously ask you more but the basis of asking their question is why they should choose you over someone that might speak better Japanese than you. Some questions that you might get asked are:

  1. Why do you want to stay in Japan?
  2. Have you ever been hit with homesickness?
  3. Why this company?
  4. Are you willing to move to __________ ?
  5. Can you work in a 100% full Japanese environment?

Important note: 

Depending on the type of job, you might be asked more specific questions but be prepared to be able to at least answer the questions above. Again, practice these answers with someone you know. The more you know about what you want to do in Japan, the easier a company will be able to understand how you can fit in their company better.


The smell of career fairs, nervousness, and worry are in the air ! Don’t know what to do ? We can help with that! The faster you message us the faster we can get started on your career.  info@stayjapanjobs.com

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Until next week, happy job searching!