[JET CAREER FAIR] How I prepared for it and received 6 interviews. (RT 5 min.)


This post is for those who are interested attending the career fair and want a first hand view of how I prepared, basic rundown, and my personal thoughts.

[Preparation 1]

After you apply you receive two forms of notifications. A suggestion to fill out your profile sheet (pseudo resume) in both English and Japanese, as well as a sign-up sheet to meet with an expert career advisor.

  1. I applied for the career advisor 30 min. session. It was worth it, beneficial, and one more important contact to have for future job hunting.

  2. I wrote the profile sheets in both English and Japanese, you can choose one or the other, but I was shooting to apply for companies that required some level of Japanese so I did both.

Something Extra: I also wrote-up an English resume, Japanese resume, and printed out biz cards. Did I need this? Personally, Yes ! Every company who I turned in my resumes to, were sincerely impressed. I was able to acquire interviews just for having all of these files set up. They were also able to see my Japanese skills, motivation to work in Japan, and my aptitude to do above and beyond the norm.

Files I prepared (*just what I did personally for myself) :

  1. English/ Japanese profile page (*sent by JET)

  2. Resume in English and Japanese .

  3. Business Cards.

[Preparation 2]

You get access to all of the companies attending to the Jet career fair prior to the event, via online. Make sure you look at the correct city of the career fair you are attending to. You also get a booklet with a profile sheet of each company, job duties, and expected salary the day of the fair.

How I prepared:

  1. Scroll online and circled each company that I was interested in.

  2. Searched their company profile, tried to figured out if I was able to see myself working there.

  3. On the actual day of the fair, I quickly found the companies that I previously had an interest in, circled their booth number, planned my route to make sure I had time to hit each one.

Something Extra: Imagine 400+ people frolicking (exaggerating) through the room with their heads cut off trying to be their best version of themselves to land a job. Let’s face it, yes we are from the same program but we are basically competing with everyone to secure our future. Maybe I prepared too much, but I was able to finish going to all of the companies I circled as well as have 40 minutes left to visit other booths that reached out to me.

[ Basic run down ]

Phase 1| Apply –> Wait a while/fill out profile sheets –> Attend the event –>
Phase 2 |Day1 : Morning Session, Keynote speaker (very fun speech) –> (3) 1hr info sessions on various occupation fields from experts –> Evening Exchange working event w/ various JET alumni experts
Phase 3 | Day 2 : Morning info session regarding working visa –> Panel discussion from previous Alumni–> Meet w/ companies –> Meet w/ professional experts (career adviser session) *for those that applied only –> hit the nearest hot spring to debrief on a crazy day.

something extra: I did get invited to a couple of after meet and greets with some companies. If you are interested in them, GO! Some are free and some cost about 2,000 yen. You get to spend time meeting one to one with these companies and seeing what they are all about. I didn’t join because I felt like I had enough info for me to make a decision about my future in Japan.

[ Personal Thoughts ]

I hear some people go to all three career fairs ( Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Osaka). Is that necessary ? It depends on you. I lived in Aomori so attending any of these events was a pretty penny. I might of overly prepared for the career fair, but I was able to secure 6 interviews at a later time w/ 1 interview on the spot. People are really just running around everywhere, so I do suggest you have some type of game plan. It will definitely make your life much easier. Because when those doors open, it’s mayhem.

[ Food ]
There aren’t many places to eat in the near vicinity but if you walk back towards the train station, you reach an outlet that has a food court with various sorts of cuisine.

I still may have some files and remember most of what happened at the Tokyo career fair, so if you would like to know more or if there was something unclear feel free to reach out: giovanni.perez@stayjapanjobs.com